August books

a bunch of these are ya or middle grade fantasy because i was housesitting for a family with four kids ages 9-16 so i read allllll their books. 

1. Egypt game–obviously a total classic
2. When you reach me, rebecca stead–it was ok
3. Lokis wolves, armstrong/marr–basically a rip off of various current trends in middle grade ya fantasy but nonetheless fun
4. The wanderer, sharon creech –solid
5. Found, margaret haddix–eh. not nearly as good running out of time
6. The gypsy game–a sequel i’m not sure i’d read
7. The last Olympian–the final installment in riordan’s series. i liked it largely because hestia is my favorite goddess. total HP ripoff in parts
8. The gift of magic, lois duncan–hadnt read since i was a kid. i had a very visceral memory of it. love it, especially the surprise ending 
9. Island of the aunts, eva ibbotson–hehe. i loved it!
10. Secret of platform 13, ibbotson–also delightful.
11. Step on a crack, hahn–the mostly middle grade suspense author’s obligatory hitler novel. i hate how it normalizes abuse–the big non hitler villain beats his kids and the totally normal best friends mom hits her daughters with a wooden spoon. sigh. i know i know historical accuracy but i call bullshit. 
12. The fault in our stars–reread before loaning out. i’ve written about this rather a lot.
13. Telling stories–for my thesis. pretty good
14. Storytelling for social justice–for my thesis. excellent. 
15. Always watching, Chevy Stevens- eh.
16. The fire witness, Lars Kepler compelling
17. Big trouble, dave berry–i laughed.
18. The last word, lisa lutz—a spellman novel. i love these.
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