July books

I didn’t read much at all in July. I was at school for a week plus, then I came home and cried for four days and did little else. So it’s a very very short list.


1. Sisterland- really lovely new book from Curtis Sittenfeld, though never gets close to the highs of Prep and especially American Wife. 
2. Crime of privilege, walter walker–eh. decent novel. not great.
3. The storyteller–Jodi Picoult. wrote about this earlier on the blog. I liked it quite a bit.
4. Guernsey literary and potato peel society–also written about in the Picoult post
5. Unseen, karin slaughter–i always find her books wildly entertaining while i am reading them and then i don’t tend to hang onto them for too much longer afterwards
6. The girl in the blue beret, bobbie ann mason– lovely, an ode to resistance in WWII
7. The book borrower, alice mattison— quiet and unshowy and quite good at friendship. the “book in a book: was  a good touch this time
8. Far from the tree, andrew solomon–masterful. i’m using it for my thesis, and i’ll post that section of the lit review when it’s done. really quite a good piece of non fiction. HUGE. it took me almost a week. it’s very, very dense, and some parts drooped a bit, but overall, quite good.
9. Tricksters queen–tamora pierce–sometimes middle grade feminist fantasy fits the bill.


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