April 2013 Reads

1. Six Years, Harlan Coben–I like Coben, though I think that we should stop pretending his books generally have Bigger Meanings. they are ripping good mysteries, and that is enough. The Boltair books are my fave though and this alas isn’t one.
2. Let the devil sleep, Verdon–I really like the hero of this series
3. People of pineapple place –a YA novel that I grabbed to read in the bath; one of my favorites as a kid and one of my favorites as a grown up.
4. Making thinking visible–a textbook about making thinking visible, duh. here is a prezi i made about it that explains the concepts better…
5. Childism –one of the most important books i’ve read. here is my annotation.

6. Dare Me–Megan Abbott-eh. I liked it OK, but I didnt love it.

7. Death at seaworld –fantastic. i wrote about it earlier.
8. The family man –elinor lipman, who is one of my all time favorite people. re-read. i love her books and i think this might be favorite. i could read her all day.
9. The burn palace –Stephen Dobyns–Dobyns wrote one of my favorite creepy books, Church of Dead Girls, and this is also excellent though not quite as good. Creepy and freaky in all the right ways.
10. Running out of time-Margaret peterson haddox–re-read of a YA book that I always liked. I often grab these to read in the bath if I am between adult books!
11. Insane city –Dave Barry-fun and funny.
12. Boy  in the water –Dobyns–an older book of his. Good, not as good.
13. Silenced (Ohlsson) –great mystery
14. The mysterious Benedict society –this and the below are both YA books that I really enjoyed
15. Perilous prisoner –see above-sequel
16. Monster of the month-YA in the bath AGAIN! sheesh
17. Silent to the bone –in honor of the author E.L. Koenigsberg, who died this month.
18. Don’t go–lisa scottoline–definitely not her best at all. I feel like she was trying to write a Serious War Novel and she should stick with her fairly lighthearted and funny legal thrillers.
19. Twisted –Kellerman–eh. fine.
20. Colleges that change lives–for the hell of it. its always interesting to see whats out there.
21. Monster (kellerman)–eh. fine. again.
22. Vengeance–Benjamin Black–I liked this one.
23. What happened to Sophie wilder–terrific. here is my review.
24. Island of the blue dolphins–Scott O’Dell. such a classic. i hadnt read it in a zillion years and I was glad to remember it!


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